About Asia Pacific Inc.

Asia Pacific is a leading Corporate Advisor with strong presence in M&A Advisory, Private Placements, Structured Finance Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Institutional Broking and Alternate Investment Management. Asia Pacific focuses on high growth industries where Indian companies have a strategic advantage globally, including IT Services, IT Enabled Services, Media, Lifescience, Automotive and Engineering, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Infrastructure ancillaries, Financial Services and Consumer Products and Services.

Asia Pacific clientele ranges from high growth mid cap companies to large companies represented in the BSE SENSEX and established Private Equity funds. Asia Pacific is having strong presence through its offices in Hyderabad and is rapidly expanding its operations in to other cities shortly.

Genesis Of Asia Pacific Inc.

  • Deregulation of key industries Privatisation of key industries.
  • Reduction of trade barriers.
  • Enhanced international competitiveness Stabilization of exchange rates.
  • Manageable inflation.
  • Increased resources available to the private sector.
  • Decreasing foreign debt burden.
  • Reliable and viable investment alternatives.
  • Expanding consumer base.
  • Skilled and competitive labor force.